The Berry Botanic Garden

Published April 5, 2012 by myberriesfarm
Portland State University

Portland State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Advancing the Art and Science of Banking Seeds

In 1983 The Berry Botanic Garden conceived of and built the first seed bank for rare and endangered plants in the USA. The BBG’s conservation program, which operates the seed bank, is known nationally for its expertise in plant conservation methods that involve banking seeds for research and as a safe house for genetic material.

In response to diminishing support for operating a public garden, The Berry Botanic Garden closed its gates to visitors in October, 2010, but its world-famous seed bank continues to serve the conservation community. Better still, it is poised to expand and flourish in a new location. In 2011, the seed bank will relocate to Portland State University-to a new state-of-the art seed vault and plant conservation laboratory.

Relocating the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank to Portland State University guarantees: A secure future for the oldest seed bank for rare and endangered plants. Expanded research into the science and practice of seed collection, storage and reintroduction. Abundant opportunities to educate Oregon’s future scientists, citizens, and conservationists. An institutional environment where we can explore ways to use seed banks to blunt the effects of global climate change and to better support large scale ecological restoration efforts.

In anticipation of the move to PSU the BBG board of directors launched a fund-raising campaign in 2010 to support the construction of the new seed vault and the establishment of the program at PSU. The board is especially grateful to John Gray for creating the John Gray Oregon Native Plant Conservation Challenge through which $25,000 of matching funds was donated to the Seed Bank Campaign, and which created a powerful motivation for other donors.

You may still join our efforts by contributing generously to the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank. Donate through PayPal by clicking on the “Donate” button to the right, or call 503-636-4112 ext 102. You may also send checks to:

Seed Bank Campaign The Berry Botanic Garden 11505 SW Summerville Ave Portland, OR 97219

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